A simple yet deeply probing question that I’m sure many people never really take the time to ask. Do you define beauty as the Webster dictionary does or do you take a different approach? Beauty has become one of the many things can people don’t define but rather recognize. Understanding the influx of influence media and society has on a girl’s interpretation of beauty was the inspiration and driving force behind the definition activity. When you think of that question, what comes to mind? Do you immediately see the external or are you able to recognize the deeper aspect of the word and recite the intangible aspects of a person’s being that can be beautiful? If you list the external based on what you see on television or see other women and men compliment, do you feel less beautiful if you don’t have what they have? Can you see beauty in the differences when you compare?

The Metamorphosis Experience was a proud partner in the 2014 Linda DeCuir Legacy Beautiful U Luncheon August 2nd with Tanya DeCuir (LDL Founder). With a pure passion for the success and empowerment of young girls, it was a distinct pleasure to be able to partner with the Linda DeCuir Legacy Foundation in its annual impartation in honor of her mother Linda DeCuir, affectionately remembered as “Momma D”.

In a secluded room at a local restaurant serving Asian cuisine, deposits of encouragement and life skills were made into the hearts of (3) young ladies between junior high and college. The conversation began with a simple question of beauty and preceded with exploration on value, worth, self-esteem, and life skill essentials. One’s perspective on beauty is the foundation by which all other aspects of a girl’s life journey can be either joyous or difficult.

Knowing all too well the plight of the woman who experiences challenges with self-worth, self-love and self-esteem it was not only an honor but an obligation to impart early on the essentials of beauty.

Metamorphosis believes in the mission, value and day to day work of the Linda DeCuir Legacy Foundation, they not only empower women to be whole and complete, they also are huge proponents for education. They distribute bi-annual scholarships to recent high school graduates and current college students to help in the goal of academia. Both male and female students are eligible to apply.

In honor of that, Metamorphosis proudly presented LDL with a new HP touch screen computer for one of its college students.

The Metamorphosis Experience wants to see every young girl win in life! Partnerships like the one with the LDL foundation allow us to broaden our platform and share our message and heart with many. Metamorphosis will begin mentoring young women from the LDL foundation to help ensure their continued success.

We are our sister’s keeper!

I challenge you today to look in the mirror and find what’s beautiful!