alicia_usc1“We are products of our past, but we don’t have to be prisoners of it” are words spoken with potent truth in Rick Warren’s book: Purpose Driven Life. No matter how much we may try, we can’t escape the realities of our past but that doesn’t mean that we have to be bound to it, defined by it or limited by it.

This notion rang true for Metamorphosis founder Alicia Cass, October 7th when she accepted the invitation to speak at her alma mater on the topic of abuse and how the department of child and family services responds to it. Having experienced abuse herself as a child that did not involve DCFS resulted in her running away from home and becoming entangled in gang life and street hustles. This special time of impartation gave another instance of her life and story coming full circle as she explained how the child welfare system works. Its easy to resent our past, the people who contributed negatively to it and while very painful yet very true, its easy to resent ourselves because of what we allowed or what we did in the past. It takes courage, and determination to go back to the dark places and not only share your personal experience but shed light on the process or system that is put in place to protect those who share your experiences.

The most constant thing in the world is change and we are no exception. As individuals, a people, and a culture, we are ever evolving so what once was is not what will always be. The hope is that, in the process of evolving we can assess, develop and grow from the past… yes even the things that tried to destroy us. What changes have you experienced? What places have you gone back to model the possibility of transformation? Your story of change has an audience, not sharing it endorses the bondage that the past can give? You might be the link to someone else’s freedom experience!