Metamorphosis Experience “ME” assists those that are experiencing difficult life challenges and are struggling navigating through.

“ME” offers character development workshops, lectures and seminars regarding gang intervention, sexual abuse, foster care, human sex trafficking, domestic violence, educational counseling, job readiness and delinquency prevention.

Metamorphosis came as a result of Founder, Alicia Cass’ personal life challenges and failures she’s experienced along her journey through life. She grew up in the 80’s, which was a time when gang membership and gang murders were at an all time high; crack cocaine swept through neighborhoods devastating and destroying families. Many like Alicia got caught in that cycle of destruction; she sold drugs, dropped out of school, was gang affiliated, experienced sexual and physical abuse/domestic violence, ended up in foster care and became homeless. She lost her friends, family members, and loved ones as a result of gang violence, mass incarceration and substance abuse. Many are still in the recovery process.

The Metamorphosis Experience is a tangible representation of the vision manifested God placed in Alicia’s heart years ago. It is her passion to help others who are experiencing or who have experienced the trials she has experienced. Her message is one of hope, you can overcome anything. Let the transformations begin.

The Metamorphosis Experience

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